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Unformatted text preview: 10/23/2010 1 Introduction to Psychobiology: Lecture 2 Becky Morgan UC Davis October 29, 2010 Administrative Announcements Midterm 2 WEDNESDAY, November 10, 2010 Monday, November 8, 2010 Finish any remaining lecture material In-class review session Question and Answer Today: Learning Intro Habituation Learning Story Chapter 10 Ivan Pavlov Classical Conditioning Chapter 11 Instrumental Learning Habituation Reduced response after the same repeated stimulus Different from extinction (next class) What prevents this response? Internal inhibition: the learning to ignore Seen in absence of behavior Stimulus Attention Time Habituation Internal Inhibition 10/23/2010 2 Dishabituation Renewed response Discrimination from old stimulus Habituation/Dishabituation Experiment Present patterns to infants Can they tell the difference? Attention Time Habituation Dishabituation Repeated Stimulus New Stimulus Using cheetahs to hunt 12 th Century India Capture wild cheetah Release from wagon to hunt black buck How? Black Buck Asiatic Cheetah Step 1: Catch a cheetah Step 2: Habituate cheetah to humans Hood cheetah to reduce fear Feed from ladel Jingling rings predict food 10/23/2010...
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PSC101_Fall10_Lecture+2_for+handouts - 10/23/2010 1...

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