Fall2010_Exam1_StudyGuide - Occular dominance Developmental...

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These are topics that could be included on the first midterm exam Midterm 1 Study Guide Glial cells Action potentials and refractory periods Neurotoxins EPSP and IPSP Chemical synapses Model of SSRI effects on behavior Endogenous and exogenous ligands Electrical synapses and reflex arc Dendritic release Methods of brain imaging (CAT, MRI, PET, fMRI) and how to apply them Sympathetic/Parasympathetic nervous systems Cortex (sulcus, gyrus, alzheimers) Frontal cortex, thalamus, and hypothalamus Amygdala Basal ganglia Cerebellum and conditioned reflex White and gray matter Blood brain barrier/Ventricular system Bechara paper Neurogenesis Migration (including GnRH) Differentiation/sonic hedgehog Synaptogenesis Apoptosis and cortical development Mutant mice and cerebellum
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Unformatted text preview: Occular dominance Developmental disorders Acetylcholine and septal complex Narcolepsy and hypocretin Quantitative traits promoter vs coding region Serotonin transporter knockout mice, elevated plus maze and implications Gene-environment interactions (maze learning, conduct disorder) Caspi paper Effects of methylation on gene expression Effects of maternal behavior on estrogen receptor gene expression Components of sound Stapedial reflex Basilar membrane and excitement by different frequencies Progression of sound Temporal vs place theory Localizing sound (intensity and latency differences) Noise induced hearing loss Mechanisms of the 5 tastes (and spicy) Olfactory receptors and genes Dog olfaction Taste aversion learning...
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Fall2010_Exam1_StudyGuide - Occular dominance Developmental...

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