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Quiz 2 SQ 2010 C/D DL Section ______ Grade 4-16-10 Last 6 digits of student ID _______________ Last name First name ___________________ ____________________ First 3 letters of last name ___ ___ ___ Two speakers (speakers A and B) are connected to a single function generator so that they both produce sound waves in air with a frequency of 170 Hz. You place speaker A to your left and speaker B to your right, so that you are standing exactly 5 meters away from each of them. You notice that even though both
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Unformatted text preview: speakers are turned on, you hear no sound. a) What can you conclude about the relationship between the fixed phase constants of speakers A and B? Explain clearly. b) You now start walking towards speaker B. How far do you have to walk from your original position until you first come to a location where the sound is maximally loud? Explain and show your work. Useful equations and constants y(x,t) = y + A sin[2 (t/T) ± 2 (x/ ) + ] v = f f = 1/T v air = 340 m/s...
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