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quiz2 - sound from speaker#2 so Clucky thinks the hall is...

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A speaker ( speaker #1 ) is placed at one end of a long hallway. It plays a sound represented by the wave equation: . Clucky the Chicken is in the hallway facing this speaker and each of her ears is 4m away from the speaker. 1. Find the frequency ( f ), the wavelength( λ ), and the speed ( v ) of the sound in this hallway (don ʼ t forget your units!). 2. We want to keep Clucky from hearing the sound of speaker #1 without her knowing what we are doing. To do this we place a speaker ( speaker #2 ), which is hooked up to the same source, behind her where she can ʼ t see it. The sound from speaker #1 completely cancels the
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Unformatted text preview: sound from speaker #2 so Clucky thinks the hall is almost perfectly silent. We have to keep speaker #2 at least 1m away from Clucky so she doesn ʼ t know it ʼ s there. How far from Clucky should we place speaker #2 and what should its ±xed phase constant be? Explain carefully how your placement and phase keep Clucky from hearing any sound. Rubric Code: Quiz 2 Physics 7C Spring 2010 Student ID: Last Name: First Name: First 3 letters of last name DL Section #: I certify that I will abide by the UC Davis Code of Academic Conduct Signature: equations speaker #1 4m...
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