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Glycolysis Homework Questions 1. Which of the following monosaccharides is not an aldose? a. Ribose b. Glucose c. Ribulose d. Glyceraldehyde e. Erythrose 2. Starch and glycogen are both polymers of a. α -D-glucose b. β -D-glucose c. glucose-1-phosphate d. sucrose e. fructose 3. Oxidation of one mole of glucose via glycolysis results in net: a. Production of one moles of glucose b. Production of one mole of pyruvate c. Consumption of 2 moles of ATP d. Production of 2 moles of ATP e. Production of 4 moles of ATP 4. The generation of G-6-P from glucose is one of the major points of regulation in glycolysis. What feature of this reaction makes it so useful for this purpose? 5. The following is incorrect for the first stage of glycolysis: a. Utilizes glucose as well as other hexoses in muscle cells b. Invests 2 moles of ATP per mol of glucose c. Utilizes glucokinase in the heart
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