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ethics paper wk2 - sexual harassment because the comments...

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I had a soldier within my battalion who was making in appropriate comments to one of our civilian workers. Both women are good friends with me, an issue that was very complicated. I had known our civilian worker longer than my soldier. Comments made by my soldier to our civilian worker were later deemed in appropriate. This issue was brought to the attention of our Equal Opportunity Representative (EO Rep), she then requested a meeting with both the civilian and soldier. These two employees happened to be working in the same section, so their supervisor was informed of the issue and asked to be in the meeting as well. The issue was address during the meeting, yet it was filled with emotion from both parties. Even with the complaint being deemed in appropriate, is also consider
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Unformatted text preview: sexual harassment because the comments were sexual comment. Please keep in mind that the military has a zero tolerance for sexual harassment. Quarterly training on sexual harassment is a requirement for all military and Department of Defense (DOD) employees. Unfortunately, this issue was not addressed at the lower level, the civilian worker decided to go directly to the EO representative. In the military, it is intended to resolve issues from the lowest level, if not then you keep going higher until the issue is resolved. Because of the fact that they are both friends with me, this situation was very complicated and sticky. I wasnt going to choose between the two of them, and so I kept my distance until this matter was resolved....
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