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IT.wk8.hardwarereplacementproject. - Hardware Replacement...

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Hardware Replacement Project 1 Running head: Hardware Replacement Project Hardware Replacement Project Axia College
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Hardware Replacement Project 2 The IT department has identified that all the current hardware needs to be replaced in order to implement the CRM program. With the problem being identified, a solution has to be created to resolve this issue prior to deployment. The hardware selection must be compatible to the CRM program; a team will be made to ensure that the hardware chosen is the correct one. As the head of the project management, a list of all the work required to successfully complete the replacement of our old hardware. A Request for Proposal needs to be created, which is a detailed list of questions submitted to external vendors to see how well they meet the requirements of the proposed system. This will ensure that the best quality systems are purchase at a reasonable price that can be within our project budget. The quality of this project is an important part of this project; we must ensure that our project satisfies the objectives of this project. As the project management team, a time frame needs to be created in order to meet the deadline prior to deployment. We must be sure that we make sure of the tangible and intangible benefits are known to the management. The acknowledge of the Tangible and Intangible benefits will help to determine what the budget would look like in order to satisfy and successfully complete the hardware replacement project. A budget needs to be created to determine the amount of money it will cost to complete this project in a timely manner. I think that creating a Portfolio Analysis will help determine the overall direction for this project. The
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IT.wk8.hardwarereplacementproject. - Hardware Replacement...

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