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Business Communication Trends 1 Running head: Business Communication Trends Business Communication Trends Axia College
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Business Communication Trends 2 Business communications play a huge role in my day to day work activities. Communications is a key role to my everyday mission, as well as the rest of the Army soldiers. Communications is vital between me and the rest of the cadre both military and civilian within my unit. Communications within each other will not only inform us of what is going on for the day, but whether there are hot issues with our soldiers that need attention immediately. My unit’s mission is to ensure that all our wounded warriors are receiving all the necessary care needed to transition back to duty or transition as a veteran in our communities. Constant communication between a warrior and their squad leader is conducted via telephone communications and face to face communication. This way of communication helps us as cadre members to assist and ensure that the
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wk1.BusinessCommunicationTrends. - Business Communication...

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