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Title 1 Running head: Technology-Trendy Communication Technology-Trendy Communication Axia College
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Title 2 I am unsure of what businesses use for communications, I can only speak of myself and my unit in the Army. With the changing technology, believe it or not the Army has been changing with it. In the Army, E-mail is the number one form of communications. Granted there are documents that need to be typed up and officiated, however after that is done it is more than likely E-mailed to all key personnel. Smart phones have become another source of communication with the ability to link your email to your phone. The use of blackberry in the Army has become somewhat a norm. This allows us personnel who carry Blackberry phones to send and receive email from anywhere.
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Unformatted text preview: As a cadre Chaplain Assistant in the Warrior Transition Battalion, and I constantly in and out of my office and my blackberry allows me to receive and send important emails out from anywhere besides my office. In my unit almost every key personnel carries a Blackberry phone. This allows us to stay in the loop of communications while away from our desks. Another communication resource we use a lot is Power Point slides. Power Point slides are used in almost every meeting, conference, and for training. The Army is trying to become paperless, I’m sure that in the near future that everything will be digital. As technology continues to advance, I suspect that the Army will continue to change with it as well. . Title 3...
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