XBIS clairfy personal values

XBIS clairfy personal values - There are almost always...

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Clarifying Personal Values 1 Running head: Clarifying Personal Values Clarifying Personal Values Axia College
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Clarifying Personal Values 2 My top five personal values are; Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, Equality, and Accomplishment. The commonalities I see in my five important values are that they reflect how people should be treated regardless of age, color, sex, ethnicity, or religion. When it comes to responsibility and accomplishment, the similarity is that you must be responsible for all accomplishments regardless if it a joint effort. Respect and Compassion is also another similarity, there is a sense of compassion when it comes to Respect. My values are very important when decisions are made. With my values in mind, it helps me to be confident that my decision is the right one. My values on equality, compassion, and respect help me to ensure that any and all decisions I make will be in the best interest of the issue.
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Unformatted text preview: There are almost always conflicts with my different values, and it takes a little bit longer to decide what is best. Though the decision making takes a bit longer, however I have to consider the good versus bad. I think that considering the positives and negatives will help make the best decision for everyone. The values in my organization and my values are very much similar to each other. In the Army there are 7 Army values that every soldier is expected to live by, and Respect is one of them. Personally, Respect is number one with me. In my culture, respect is a number one value that must be obeyed and passed down to your children. My culture teaches us that without respect, then there is not loyalty to your family. Personal Values is very important part of life and your family....
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XBIS clairfy personal values - There are almost always...

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