XBIS Club IT Part3 Final.

XBIS Club IT Part3 Final. - Club IT, Part 3 1 Running head:...

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Club IT, Part 3 1 Running head: Club IT, Part 3 Club IT, Part 3 Axia College
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Club IT, Part 3 2 Club IT is a nightclub business that serves food, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, and entertainment. This business is managed and owned by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada. Both owners have degrees in Business Administration. Their clientele consists of young adults, college students, business people, tourists, and traveling people. Club IT is known for their live bands on the weekends, ambience of fun and liveliness. Based on my internship and observation of the business, the owner’s goals are to improve their information systems and technology, maintain all financial and business related records. Their long term goals would consists of earning profit from their club and opening of a second Club IT. There are many improvements that are needed in order to achieve these goals. The installation of a Transaction Processing System (TP) would help track and maintain all their transactions within the club. This system will collect, record, and manipulate the data related to the Club’s routine, day to day operations. Another system that needs to be installed would be the Knowledge Management system(KM). The Knowledge Management system would take the information in the Club’s TP system and filter and analyze it to make it more useful to Ruben and Lisa as they manage their business. To compliment the other two systems would be the Experts Systems. This system is an advanced IT system that can reason through the information captured by the Club’s TP and KM systems. This system will also recognize and diagnose patterns, problems, or issues related to that information. It will also suggest solutions for those problems and issues. These systems will help Ruben and Lisa figure out what the problems and issues are within the Club and from there they will be able to come up with a solution to those problems or issues. As these changes are made within the Club, employees must be trained and knowledgeable of these systems in order for it to work properly. In order to accomplish this, training the employees is a must. As the Club goes though with these changes now and any upcoming upgrades to the systems, training employees on a quarterly basis will ensure that the employees work the systems correctly. The training should be conducted by an Information Technology Specialist, which would consist of PowerPoint slides and hands on training for all employees. All employees will be trained on all the systems; this way every employee would know how to work the system in the absence of their supervisor or manager. However, even
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XBIS Club IT Part3 Final. - Club IT, Part 3 1 Running head:...

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