xbis wk2 MIFOS - Poverty Index (PPI), and monitors clients...

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A Microfinance MIS 1 Running head: A Microfinance MIS A Microfinance MIS Axia College The MIFOS product was create for the Microfinance Industry companies, which are centralized management information systems. This management information system is a user friendly browser-based web interface running on top of a robust MySQL database. This system allows authorize users to access this data base from any web browser. This system has client management, loan and saving portfolio management, transaction processing and social business reporting and analytics built in options. This system assures secure management of your portfolio, decrease in cost and length of your client acquisition cycle. This management
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A Microfinance MIS 2 information system also has integrated performance measurement with the progress out of
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Unformatted text preview: Poverty Index (PPI), and monitors clients rise from poverty. This system seems to be a great software in regards to financing companies. After reading about this product it seems to be a great program, since it has user friendly options. The growth and scalability of this program allows open new branches and roll out new products and services rapidly. The transparency and insight advantage has the ability to plan your strategy with business analytics. The secure and data integrity advantage creates an in-depth audit trail tracking. The flexibility of this software responds to the changing needs of clients. This software helps incorporate new technology with other financial systems. This software provides deep client knowledge and delivery of value added services....
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xbis wk2 MIFOS - Poverty Index (PPI), and monitors clients...

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