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Axia College Material Appendix B Picture the Supply Chain Complete the chart below by outlining the digital content supply chain at Warner Bros. Entertainment. Upstream Component (sourcing/procurement) Internal Component (packing/assembly manufacturing) Downstream Component (distribution) - Hewlett-Packard will transform the studio’s entire film production and distribution process to an all-digital, file- based system, and create information technology architecture. - HP is providing a digital media platform, consisting of software, hardware, and services. -Warner and HP developed high performance storage systems that permit Warner to manipulate the files at the speed the company must have. -Creation of E-Masters - -Warner and Hewlett-Packard worked together to manage the different forms of distribution, which have varying requirements. -E-masters helped Warner to utilize any channel to reach the consumer. -Online web initiative that will
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Unformatted text preview: enable fans to download new, interactive content, related games and flash animations of the Looney Tunes and other popular cartoon characters Choose one of these components and make a recommendation for an improvement to that area of the supply chain. Explain your reasoning for the change. I feel that Warner and Hewlett-Packard have created a great system in order to meet their consumers demand. I think that they need to work on the internal component, in which they can work on more than ten motion picture projects at a time. I sure with the help of Hewlett-Packard, the creation of a bigger storage system will allow them to accomplish more instead of ten motion pictures at a time. Research between the two companies should continue on working to build a bigger storage system, I am sure that HP will be able to assist Warner in create a bigger and better storage system....
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