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Ethics Awareness Inventory 1 Running head: Ethics Awareness Inventory Ethics Awareness Inventory Jasmine Mantanona Axia College
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Ethics Awareness Inventory 2 What did you learn from your Ethics Awareness Inventory profile? My ethics awareness inventory profile states that my ethical perspective is “obligation.” This profile states that I base my ethical perspective on an individual’s duty or obligation to do what is morally right. It also states that I look to the intent behind his/her actions, rather than focusing on results. This in turn tells me that I’m thinking like a soldier and not as a regular person. I do find myself making decisions based on my duty or obligations to my job and sometimes with my family. I have been told several times that I seem to be a person who feel that I am obligated to do everything that is asked of me, something I have been working on as an individual. How can you apply this information to the workplace?
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Unformatted text preview: I think that this information solidifies my duty as a US Army soldier. A lot of times decisions are made from higher up, as a soldier I have no say in the decision and I have to complete the mission given to me. Regardless of my feeling or thoughts about the decision, I have to obey and successfully accomplish my mission. How have social pressures influences your personal and business ethics? I think that social pressures have influenced my personal and business ethics. There are many times in which I was ordered to do something, that I know I wouldn’t do if I had choice. As a Soldier in the Army, I have given up the right to decide what is good and what is bad. Soldiers are not given the choice whether they want to go to war or not, a controversial topic that has been going on since the war in Iraq started. Ethics Awareness Inventory 3...
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xmgtwk3.EthicsAwarenessInventory. - I think that this...

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