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International Trade Simulation 1 Running head: International Trade Simulation International Trade Simulation Jasmine Mantanona Axia College
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International Trade Simulation 2 Almost everywhere in the world there is a supply and demand for certain goods and/or service, in which only certain countries can provide the supply needed for the demands. Depending on the good and/or service, a country can provide production of goods better than anyone else. What is International Trade? International trade is exchange of capital, goods, and services across international borders or territories. It is the exports of goods and services by a firm to a foreign-based buyer (Importer). The importance of Rodamia to enforce international trading will be of great benefit to the country. International trade will boost our economical state and keep our country surviving while providing other countries with the goods Rodamia can provide. Our economy is now struggling and is in need of International trading, in order to boost and stabilize our economy for the sake of our country. With the assistance of the Trade Representative, we will be able to impose trade restrictions and negotiate trade agreements with other countries. The Trade representative will recommend trade, product, who with, provides the price of import and export fees, and any other fees regarding the trade. However, there are advantages and disadvantages that follow International Trading. An advantage that the country would benefit would be to move our goods to other countries where supply is low and the demand is high for our special product. Another advantage to International trading would be the
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xeco212wk8.InternationalTradeSimulation - International...

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