Lewis - Emotional Intelligence Article Review

Lewis - Emotional Intelligence Article Review - Emotional...

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Emotional Intelligence Article Review Emotional Intelligence: Our Most Versatile Tool for Success Velma Lewis Warner University Professor: Dr. Cathy Lewis-Brim
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Lewis – Emotional Intelligence This article contends that we are who we are; how we are is a choice; and exercising that choice is the essence of emotional intelligence. does recognize there are more than three, but the focus in this particular article is on: the need to master the art of successfully confronting the problem when it appears, the process of leading a team, the special requirements of communicating with men. The article provides an exploration of these three areas and shows that the vital and often missing link is opportunity for females to practice and receive feedback from male mentors and counterparts. The report also lists the top 10 strategies that women need in order to be “perceived” as successful leaders and communicators. The article contends that while women and men take numerous courses and read countless text on communication; this is not the way communication is learned. The author argues that the skill of communication is learned with practice and feedback, and men get this feedback; but women do not. The article also stresses this as a key reason that more women are not in power positions; they do not have the opportunity to practice, and according to Gladwell in his new book,
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Lewis - Emotional Intelligence Article Review - Emotional...

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