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Resume Guide - 10/22/2010 Upload Resume on ePack and turn...

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10/22/2010 1 Upload Resume on ePack and turn in a hard copy in class to receive credit Top 10 Qualities Employers Seek 1. Communication Skills 2. Honesty/Integrity 3. Teamwork Skills 4. Interpersonal Skills 5. Strong Work Ethic 6. Motivation/Initiative 7. Flexibility/Adaptability 8. Analytical Skills 9. Computer Skills 10. Organizational Skills WHAT IS A RESUME???? Expressing your strengths as skills – on paper Customize to each employer Does your resume have any typos? 25% 25% 25% 25% 1. It is perfect! It have been carefully critiqued by a professional. 2. I spell checked it and I think it is fine. 3. I read it over carefully and had one other person I trust read it, so I confident it is free of errors. 4. I am not sure Your Make Over! Professional Summary Education Experience Skills Activities Does your resume have professional summary? 33% 33% 33% 1. No 2. Yes it is targeted to each position I apply to. 3. I am keeping my options open, so I have a general objective. 4. I like the old fashioned objective which tells the internship I hope to get.
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10/22/2010 2 Professional Summary List your big picture goal, and/or your vision for the contribution you want to make in the future. List adjectives that describe you. Select the most important adjectives that you can back up with accomplishments. List your top three skills. Provide evidence of each skill. List your number one strength that you bring to the professional world. This can be a skill listed above or something new. Summarize and quantify your key experiences
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Resume Guide - 10/22/2010 Upload Resume on ePack and turn...

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