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Resume Checklist - punctuation errors& Makes every word...

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Resume Checklist Overall Appearance ° Makes an immediate favorable impression; easy to read. ° Looks appropriate for profession. ° Separates sections for easy reading. ° Makes efficient use of space. ° Appropriate use of bold, underlining, etc. ° Uses high quality paper. ° Clean and sharp reproduction. ° Not more than 2 pages in length. Contact Information Section 1 ° Is clearly presented at top of page. ° Includes permanent and/or temporary address. ° Includes telephone number(s). ° Includes e-mail address. Objective Section 2 ° Is stated clearly and conveys purpose. ° Is reasonably short (1-3 lines). ° Is related to position applied. Organization ° Presents strongest qualifications first. ° Presents layout consistently. ° Keeps related information together. Content ° Supports and substantiates objective. ° Does not use full sentences (no I’s). ° Free from grammatical, spelling, and
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Unformatted text preview: punctuation errors. & Makes every word count. Education Section Section 3 & Includes degree(s), major and institution. & Includes graduation date. & GPA is included if over 3.0. & Includes relevant coursework (no course numbers). Experience Section Section 4 & Includes job title. & States employer location (city, state). & Includes dates for each experience. & Listed in reverse chronological order. & Uses concise phrases with action verbs. & Stresses skills, accomplishments and results rather than duties. Activities/Honors Section 5 & Shows well roundedness. & Emphasizes leadership roles. Optional sections include Laboratory/Research Skills, Research Experience, Volunteer Experience, Related Experience, Computer Skills, and References available upon request (make separate list with 3 references)....
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  • Fall '08
  • E-mail, Reverse chronology, immediate favorable impression, Education Section Section, Contact Information Section

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