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Ch221 Lecture Notes, Chapter 5 p. 1 of 9 Q1 Chapter 5 — Alkenes I. IUPAC NOMENCLATURE OF ALKENES A. Naming 1. Find longest continuous chain with C=C. This chain name forms the base name: remove -ane; add -ene 2. Number the chain giving doubly bonded C's their lowest numbers 3. C=C takes precedence over alkyl groups and halogens 4. Hydroxyl groups take precedence over C=C 5. Compounds with C=C and -OH use a combined prefix -enol Cl HO 2-pentene 6-chloro-2-hexene 5-methyl-4-hepten-1-ol B. Alkenyl groups H 2 C H C H 2 C H C H 2 C CH 3 vinyl allyl isopropenyl C. Cycloalkenes — count across the alkene F Cyclobutene 1-methylcyclohexene 3-fluorocyclooctene II. STRUCTURE AND BONDING [ DRAW ALKENE (1) flat, (2) from side, (3) with pi-bond] Figure 5.1 TextUse PPT
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