ExecSalary - 53 1,173 Henry R. Silverman Chmn/CEO Cendant...

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Executive Title Company Age Salary Chmn/CEO Citigroup 56 1,000 Chmn/Pres/CEO McGraw-Hill Cos. 57 1,172 Pres/CEO 50 1,000 Chmn/CEO News Corp. 75 4,509 Chmn/Pres/CEO Bank of America 58 1,500 Chmn/CEO American Express Co. 54 1,092 Chmn/CEO Altria Group 51 1,663 Chmn/Pres/CEO Hewlett-Packard Co. 49 817 CEO WPP Group 61 1,562 Chmn/Pres/CEO Home Depot 57 2,164 Chmn/Pres/CEO IBM Corp. 54 1,680 David C. Novak Chmn/Pres/CEO Yum Brands
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Unformatted text preview: 53 1,173 Henry R. Silverman Chmn/CEO Cendant Corp. 65 3,300 Robert C. Wright Chmn/CEO NBC Universal 62 2,500 Sumner Redstone Exec Chmn/Founder Viacom 82 5,807 Charles Prince Harold McGraw III James Dimon K. Rupert Murdoch Kenneth D. Lewis Kenneth I. Chenault Louis C. Camilleri Mark V. Hurd Martin S. Sorrell Robert L. Nardelli Samuel J. Palmisano...
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