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Unformatted text preview: erguson III, Letter to the Editor, USA Today, February 12, 2001) Premise 1: The Jews and Arabs have been fighting for centuries. Premise 2: There is serious doubt this will ever be resolved. Premise 3: If the United States does not get out of this never­ending fight, the next terrorist bomb might be in Washington­­and it might be nuclear. Conclusion: The United States should get out of the never­ending fight between the Jews and the Arabs. In this passage, there are no indicator words to assist us, however the form of the last sentence ("X should do Y, or else Z will happen") is a common conclusion­premise pattern. No one who observes people can pretend that in fact they always seek anything like their own long­ run advantage. If this were the case only stupidity could explain how frequently and obviously they act contrary to their own long­run advantage. People are not that stupid! (Charles Hartshorne and Creighton Peden, Whitehead's View of Reality, 1...
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