FinancialAccounting1 - FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING 1 101-101 (4...

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FinancialAccounting1.doc 9/2/2009 Page 1 of 3 FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING 1 101-101 (4 Credits) FLEX Lab WITC – Superior Instructor of Record: Sharon Wichlidal COURSE DESCRIPTION: Complete accounting cycle, special journals, payroll tax principles, special procedures, and financial statements. Accounting applications through practice set approach. PREREQUISITES: Principles of Accounting or equivalent experience REQUIRED TEXT AND MATERIALS: Accounting , 23rd Edition by Warren, Fess, Reeve; South-Western Publishing ( ISBN: 9780324662962) o Working Papers Chapter 1-17 Practice set: Fitness City Merchandise (ISBN:1439036233) COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon successful completion, the student, in accordance with the grading procedures, will be able to: 1. Prepare records of financial transactions 2. Journalize transactions 3. Post from journals to ledgers 4. Maintain accounts and records 5. Organize classification of accounts 6. Investigate incorrect postings 7. Verify and prepare financial statements 8. Provide summary reports 9. Prepare working papers 10. Balance books and compile reports 11. Verify prepaid expenses and deferred charges 12. Reconcile bank statements
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FinancialAccounting1 - FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING 1 101-101 (4...

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