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When companies place advertisements in maga- zines, they sign contracts stating the particulars of where and when the ad will run. Sometimes these contracts include a positioning clause indicating where the advertisement should be placed in the magazine (up front, next to the table of contents, etc.) The following memo (March 6, 1998) was sent to magazines that Coca-Cola advertises in. It’s from Coke's ad agency, McCann-Erickson, and stipulates where Coke ads may appear. COKE: MEMO TO PUBLISHERS The purpose of this letter is to clarify the positioning clause that is included on Coca- Cola Company insertion orders. The positioning clause has been revised to state, “Any Coca-Cola advertising that faces less than full editorial and/or inappropriate editorial matter will be subject to a full makegood.” 1 The Coca-Cola Company requires that all insertions 2 are placed adjacent to editorial that is consistent with each brand’s marketing strategy/positioning. In gen-
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