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OFF-SEASIN MARKETING - Group Members Group Sheraz Muhammad...

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Unformatted text preview: Group Members: Group Sheraz Muhammad Khan Sharif Ullah Jan Noor Zeb TOPI C: M ARKETI NG IN OFF-SEASON OFF-SEASON Basically Marketing is to deliver: Basically Right product To the right customer On the right price At the right time On the right channel With right promotion But what happens when ?? But The season has The been off !! been Situations in Off Season: Situations The off season affects every business The differently. differently. Several retailers and agencies return their Several stock back to the company. stock Heavy loss or burden on the finance. Low sales result in low profits and high Low costs. costs. Off Season Marketing ???.. Off “Off-season Marketing means to use Off-season the Marketing Mix ( product, price, the promotion and distribution) for the products and services which has been products offered in off-season .” offered Marketing Strategies in in Off Season: Here are the ways of dealing with the Here Off season: Off Follow up with old customers Follow During Busy Season ( difficult) But in Off-season ( possible) Calling E-mail How product is functioning functioning Up coming needs Up Create a special Create Triming Profit Seasonal Sales Direct Marketing Increase advertising budget Sponsorships, game promotions Use of Celebrities in the Advertisings Associating special events Associating special events with your events products products Repackage your products products Sometimes, you can find your way out of an off season by changing your customer's idea of your product. customer's AYS distributors of … AYS Dawlance, LG, Sony, Waves, etc. Dawlance, Adopts different marketing strategies for their offseason products, (like deep freezers, refrigerators, season split air-conditions, etc.) split They offer different small home appliances with They their major products. their They also introducing their mobile advertising They written on their vehicle moving around the city. written They said that even it is not mausam-e-bahar but They it is a word which can attract the customers. it Test a new product Might be a good time to… Might Test consumer Test reaction, reaction, Test Potential defects, and defects, TestMarketing TestMarketing angles angles Schedule future Schedule business now business You may offer your air conditioner on a You discount rate with delivery in the summere. discount “With come first get first policy” and Routinely change the wording in your Routinely descriptive titles descriptive Clear the old stock Clear Because they don’t want to bear the ware Because housing of such items. housing There is no guarantee that those items will There be sold off in next season/year. be How How Handles? Handles? Initially estimates the demand and then produce Even then, if the stock remains, they clear by: Announcing various discounts and price cuts on Announcing off-season articles off-season ADVERTISING MESSAGE The amazing Open House Sale continues till April 7th with discounts on items upto unbelievable 50%. And if you are a ChenOne Privelege Club member, add an additional 10% off on each and everything in the shelves. Drugs and medicines (in this case like eye-drops for allergy, etc.) made for specific seasons’ diseases are claimed to be also beneficial in other seasons as well. other QARSHI SAYS .. QARSHI Johar Johar Joshanda is also for the flu, cough in summer as well. well. TOURISM AND HOTLING Price Price Price Film Music Peak Season, Special Events Peak off-season Arts festivals COBBLESTONE Guest House In Season (May 26th ­ Sept 14) $125/night Off Season (Sept 15 - May 25th) $100/night Now its yours t urn !!! ...
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