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1. Autogenic Training – The use of autosuggestion to establish a balance between the mind and body through changes in the autonomic nervous system. 2. Autonomic nervous system – The special group of the nerves that control some of the body’s organs and their functions. 3. Biofeedback – Using an electronic device to “feed back” information about the body to alter a particular physiological function. 4. Hormones – Chemicals, produced and secreted by endocrine glands, that travel through the bloodstream and regulate body functions. 5. Hypnotherapy – The use of hypnosis to treat sickness. 6. Image visualization – Use of mental images to promote healing and change behaviors. 7. Mandala – An artistic, religious design used as an object of meditation.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Mantra A sound or phrase that is repeated in the mind to help produce a meditative state. 9. Placebo effect healing that results from a persons belief in a treatment that has no medicinal value. 10. Psychosomatic illnesses Physical illnesses brought on by negative mental states such as stress or emotional upset. 11. Relaxation response The physiological changes in the body that result from mental relaxation techniques. 12. Somatization Occurrence of physical symptoms without any bodily disease or injury being present. 13. Somatization disorder - Prolonged pain and other symptoms that are not caused by disease or injury....
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