C101 - Chapter 3 Questions

C101 - Chapter 3 Questions - Write out each answer to the...

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Write out each answer to the following questions: 1. Define the terms stress, stressor, eustress, and distress. Stress is a disruption in the psychobiological balance and harmony that one shares with their social and physical environments. Stress is mental problems with our surroundings that promote physiological problems. Stress has three components which include the environmental, mental and emotional. A stressor is what causes stress, it can be anything whatsoever that causes stress. Stressors are physical and psychological situations that disrupt the balance between ourselves and surroundings. Eustress is the type of stress that pleasant stressors cause such as graduating college or exposing ourselves to tests and trials for self improvement. Distress is the negative type of stress causes by unpleasant stressors. Distress results when someone becomes injured, feels threatened or lost a loved one. 2. Describe the mental and emotional components of stress. The mental component of stress can be broken down into two parts. The first part occurs when we recognize a situation to be a threat to our physical, psychological or mental well-being. The second part takes place when we convince ourselves that we are not prepared to meet the challenge because of our lack of resources. Mental stress could be either imagined or real and varies from person to person. The emotional components
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C101 - Chapter 3 Questions - Write out each answer to the...

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