C101 - Chapter 4 Questions

C101 - Chapter 4 Questions - Answer each of the following...

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Answer each of the following questions. Be sure to use your own words and save the material to RTF and or submit in Word. This assignment is worth 100 points. 1. Describe Maslow's hierarchy of needs and its role in mental health Maslow’s hierarchy of needs includes our physiological needs, safety, love, self- esteem, and self-actualization. The hierarchy is shaped like a pyramid with the most fundamental needs on the bottom which are required to advance upwards. The most basic needs include hunger, thirst, and pain avoidance followed by the next level which is the safety needs including security and stability. The next level contains the need for belongingness and love including affection, conformity, and identification followed by the next level which is the esteem needs including prestige and self-respect. The final level is the need for self-actualization which can only be fulfilled after acquiring the previous levels. People who are self-actualized have met their basic needs and reached their full human potential. Maslow’s hierarchy plays a major role in mental health for many reasons. To be mentally happy we must first be content with our physical bodies and the surrounding environments. All of the different levels must be obtained in order to have good mental health and our most basic needs of all are essential for mental health. 2. Explain the role of positive emotions in mental and physical health. Just like how negative emotions negatively affect mental and physical health positive emotions positively affect mental and physical health. Positive thoughts and emotions encourage healthy behavior and the avoidance of unhealthy behavior. Positive emotions set positive goals, strategies and expectations. The body revolves around the mind and if the mind is positive then it will rub off on the bodies’ physical health. It has been proven many times that positive and happy feelings have positive influences on our bodies and negative thoughts and emotions can contribute to illness. To be mentally and physically healthy we have to base our decisions on good knowledge. To connect the knowledge with our actual behavior while maintaining positive thoughts and emotions
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C101 - Chapter 4 Questions - Answer each of the following...

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