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C101 - Chapter 5 Questions - 1 List several factors that...

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1. List several factors that influence dietary choices? Many things influence dietary choices. One thing that influences dietary choices is the aggressive marketing of unhealthy food products. Other factors include family, ethnic and cultural eating patterns, social factors, food fads, and time pressures that limit thoughtful food shopping and meal preparation. Stress also influences food choices as wells as marketing, advertising and convenience. 2. Describe the dietary guidelines proposed by the U.S. government and health organizations? These guidelines are based on the latest scientific evidence for good nutrition, obtained by examining the biological effects of specific dietary components and by comparing dietary patterns and disease frequencies in different populations. These guidelines are designed to promote wellness and prevent illnesses that result from poor nutrition including heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity. 3. Describe which Foods Guide Pyramid and its recommendations? The Food Guide Pyramid was invented to help people remember the composition of a healthy diet. The pyramid shows us how much of each type of food we should consume daily. My Pyramid recommends building a diet on grains, fruits, and vegetables and obtaining protein from nuts and meat and calcium from dairy products. The pyramid illustrates six basic concepts which include variety because foods from all groups are needed each day for good health, moderation, proportionality, physical activity, gradual improvement and personalization. The Food Guide Pyramid was invented because the typical American’s diet was not proper and had too much sugars, fats, and refined-grain foods. 4. Explain how to use the My Pyramid website? To use the My Pyramid website you go to www.mypyramid.gov and fill out questions so that you can get a personalized composition of your ideal diet by giving your age, sex and amount of daily activity. When you are at the website remember that the colors represent the five different food groups and apply the information received to your nutrition intake. It helps to read all of the tips and eventually after inputting all of your information goals will be given to start living a healthier life one step at a time. Goals are set for today, tomorrow and the future in an overall attempt to change the lifestyles that contribute to illness. 5. Describe the ingredients and nutrition facts labels on manufactured foods?
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C101 - Chapter 5 Questions - 1 List several factors that...

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