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C101 - Chapter 15 Keywords

C101 - Chapter 15 Keywords - and organs 8 Fetal Alcohol...

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1) Amniocentesis - A procedure in which amniotic fluid is removed from the uterus and tested to determine whether genetic or anatomical defects exist in the fetus. 2) Chorionic villus analysis - A prenatal procedure used to determine whether genetic or anatomical defects exist in a fetus; an alternative to amniocentesis. 3) Chromosomes - Threadlike structures in the nuclei of cells that carry an individual’s genetic information. 4) Cloning - The process of making genetically identical plants or animals. 5) Congenital “birth” defect - Any abnormality observed in a newborn that occurred during development. 6) DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) - The chemical substance that carries all of a person’s genetic information in chromosomes in cells. 7) Embryonic Stem Cells - Cells derived from human fertilized eggs and grown in laboratory dishes; stem cells have the capacity to differentiate into many different tissues
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Unformatted text preview: and organs. 8) Fetal Alcohol Syndrome - Birth defects and mental disabilities caused by ingestion of alcohol by the mother during pregnancy. 9) Gene therapy - A technique for replacing defective with normal ones in certain tissues of a person affected with a hereditary disease. 10) Genetic counseling - Information to help prospective parents evaluate the risk of having or delivering a genetically handicapped child. 11) Hereditary (genetic) disease- Any disease resulting from the inheritance of defective genes or chromosomes from one or both parents. 12) Karyotype- Visual display of all of a person’s chromosomes that can detect chromosomal abnormalities characteristic of inherited diseases. 13) Teratogen- Any environmental agent that causes abnormal development of a fetus. 14) Ultrasound scanning - Use of sound waves to visualize the fetus in the womb....
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