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Managing and Using Information Systems Chapter Four – Information Technology and the Design of Work The point of this chapter is to look at the impact of IS on the way work is done by individual workers. Advances in IT provide an expanding set of tools that make individual workers more productive and broaden their capabilities. Three ways in which new IT alters employee life 1. by creating new types of work. 2. by creating new ways to do traditional work 3. by presenting new challenges in human resource management brought about by the use of IT. Organizations now maintain large historical business databases, called data warehouses, which can be mined by using tools to analyze patterns, trends, and relationships in the data warehouses. Technology changes where work is done. Telecommuting, sometimes called teleworking, refers to work arrangements with employers that allow employees to work from home or other convenient locations instead
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Unformatted text preview: of coming into the corporate office. Mobile workers are those who work from wherever they are. Driving factors of telecommunicating 1. Shift to knowledge-based work – Eliminates requirement that certain work be performed in a specific place. 2. Changing demographics and lifestyle preferences – Provides workers with geographic and time-shifting flexibility. 3. New technologies – Makes remotely performed work practical and cost-effective. Virtual work also raises the specter of offshoring, or foreign outsourcing of software development and computer services. The ability to tap human resources where they are least expensive and expertise where it is most available can create a critical strategic asset. The productivity paradox is defined as the failure of massive investment in information technology to boost productivity growth....
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