BasComp essay-ET+God

BasComp essay-ET+God - Neha Gautam Section 67 Paper #1...

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Neha Gautam Section 67 Paper #1 Rough Draft We Are Not Alone The issue of the possible discovery of extraterrestrial life is itself an extremely fascinating and thought-provoking idea. To me, the fact that there may be life outside of Earth seems unbelievable. I personally cannot even imagine there to be any other human- like creatures in our universe. Although it may prove to be true in the future, it will be difficult to believe unless there is actual evidence, such as pictures or some type of recorded communication among the creatures. The discovery of extraterrestrial life would probably hinder religious belief rather than foster it. If the extraterrestrial exist, then most religions would be proven wrong. The discovery would most definitely be compatible with certain religious views but incompatible with others depending on what is taught in those religions and how it relates to extraterrestrial life. The most hard-hitting points to be discussed on this controversial topic are the impact on humans if extraterrestrial life actually exists, the complications that certain religions will face regarding this matter, and the question of whether they are more advanced than we are. The human race is such that if the people of one country are for example, affected by a disease, then people all over the globe are made aware of it almost immediately through phone calls, news or television, etc. There is a unity and love among humans,
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BasComp essay-ET+God - Neha Gautam Section 67 Paper #1...

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