Ec101F10HWGuidelines101103 - they will judge what the...

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Economics 101, UCLA Fall 2010 Jernej Copic Homework Guidelines. Timing. Each week, except the midterm week, the homework will be posted. The homework will be posted by Wednesday at noon, and will be due by the following Tue at the beginning of the class at 1230pm. The homeworks will be graded by the TAs in a week from the turn-in date, and you will get your homework returned then. Form. The homework should be typed and printed; However, the scratch work should be attached to the typed answer. You are allowed to work together with at most 2 other students, but each person in the work-group should write on their work what other people they worked with. Also, if any literature or other source is used, it should be cited appropriately. Points and grading. Each homework will bring you maximum 2% bonus on the final grade, in the increments of 0.5% (thus, there are 5 possible grades on each homework, 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2). The homework will be graded by TAs exclusively and
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Unformatted text preview: they will judge what the appropriate grade on the homework will be. Each week I will require them to jointly decide on a grading scale. On each homework, I may choose to monitor a sample of the homeworks to make sure that I find their grading reasonable, fair, and consistent across TAs. Still, TAs will grade different set of students each week, in order to increase fairness. I emphasize that all the grades on homeworks will be handled by TAs exclusively. As these will be bonus problems, that should be fine. I will not be answering any questions or emails regarding homeworks, so please respect that. These are your bonus work problems on which you will get bonus points as well as feedback. 1 Hopefully, they should also be fun and interesting to work on! More than anything, I hope that this will help make Econ 101 more exciting and fun, and I hope you will enjoy working on these problems. 2...
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Ec101F10HWGuidelines101103 - they will judge what the...

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