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psych lecture 9-10 note

psych lecture 9-10 note - Emotion and the brain Lesion of...

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Emotion and the brain Lesion of amygdala – shown no fear , is it deficit in memory or fear? Failure to acquire fear conditioning Prefrontal cortex and emotion – PFC damage Phineas Gage, railroad worker -> change in personality , social problems and problems with longe-term thinking and planning. Impaired social/emotional functions in PFC damage 1. Utilization behavior Utilization behavior – automatically using objects regardless of context Overly familiar social behavior Disclose too much personal information to strangers Problem solving -> patients can generate solutions to problems and cannot prioritize them Damasio’s patient – cannot decide on time when to meet. You cannot prioritize. So what’s going on? Emotions functions to provide important social information and motivation. Damasio presented how PFC is closely related to emotions Emotional deficit can lead to a social deficit Damasio’s “Somatic Marker” hypothesis – somatic markers are bodily feelings normally accompany our representations of the anticipated outcomes of options.
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