Lecture notes 020810

Lecture notes 020810 - Lecture notes Evolutionary How much...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture notes 02/08/10 Evolutionary How much of our emotional experience is a product of evolution by natural selection? Our emotion adaptive to problems? Darwin -> developed universality of emotions Darwin’s book first scientific treatment of emotion Detailed observation of normal people and “imbeciles” crazy people He believed that crazy people have exaggerated facial expression Collected variety of people such as missionaries and people from different culture Continuity between human and people. Darwin’s 3 principles of emotion Principle of Habit animal learns a behavior/reaction that makes them feel good, they are likely to repeat it in similar situations. (surprisingly “nurture” over “nature”) Through habit and learning, people became to have certain kinds of emotions over the individual’s lifetime span Principle of antithesis an “opposite” situation will lead to an opposite reaction. Principle of antithesis threat vs. submission Body movement shows different emotions Principle of involuntariness – many reactions are purely physiological and bypass First and third (habit/involuntariness) received bulk of attention But especially the claim that emotions are evolved and transmitted But darwin’s claim was strangely Lamarchian in that it appealed to the inheritance. Darwin’s claims on stimulated research on: Cross cultural similarities in emotion First to point out there is universal facial expression to display emotion Functional appraisal theories of emotion Emotion is adaptive-> byproduct of body...
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Lecture notes 020810 - Lecture notes Evolutionary How much...

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