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Lecture Notes Psych 385 030110

Lecture Notes Psych 385 030110 - Peripheral surrounding...

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3/1 Psych 385 Lecture Note Emotion and Memory Emotion and Judgment “No special mechanism” view To the extent that emotions are related to memory improvements, this can be wholly explained by other features of emotional events, such as that they tend to be: Distinctive, interesting, unexpected, well-rehearsed Emotional enhancement of memory Amygdala -> amygdale is specialized for emotional trigger Amygdale is activated more for emotional pictures and last longer in the memory Central detail – intrinsic to what’s going on in the real life
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Unformatted text preview: Peripheral - surrounding minor details Studying emotion: Arousal and Valence (Positive vs. Negative) Appraisal – different emotion affects how you remember the incidence (appraisal is different ) Part II Emotion Colors Judgments and Decisions Emotions most likely serve a useful function Visceral state extremely salient objects shape strong states of desire. Source of object can’t be too salient...
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