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Psych 385 Lecture note 031510

Psych 385 Lecture note 031510 - Simulations are...

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Psych 385 Lecture note 03/15/10 Knowing your emotional future: affective forecasting Imagination is one of the most adaptive, remarkable abilities in your possession Imagination is one of the most flawed, unreliable 2-3 year olds don’t develop abilities to plan for future Uniquely human -> simulation of emotion PFC is important Lottery winners are not so greater in the satisfaction level compared to paraplegics Simulation focuses essentialized features of imagination Incidental features of imagination-> not think about something that occurs incidentally Both essential and incidental features matter The actual outcome is not really dependent on the outcome of the game because your Monday mood is not totally dependent on the game but dependent on the mixture of other incidents on Monday Watered out effect- all the other affects the mood
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Unformatted text preview: Simulations are decontextualized People use the weather to assess the overall mood Egocentric empathy gap- Predictions we make about the future is biased by the predictions made on the present. Simulations are unrepresentative Cold pressor task-> people tend to choose the one with greater pain (longer trial) This happens because people remember the longer pain being less stressful and not remember exact amount of pain it caused Free recall is similar to biased recall – people spontaneously recall the extreme experiences Simulations are truncated Futures are imagined by their beginnings You simulate becoming paraplegic rather than being paraplegic This is especially important because of the existence of what we might call a psychological immune system. Becoming is different from being....
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