Hw2 - 3 sounds share(i.e what ‘natural classes’ does...

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HW 2: IPA and Sound Description (KEY) Linguistics 100 Due in hard copy at the beginning of tutorial on Friday, October 8, 2010 1 IPA Orthography (5 pts) What English word do each of the following transcriptions correspond to? (1 pt each) (1) [ TON z] thongs (2) [ ô æ ] rather (3) [m IP n " z] mittens (4) [t S ip] cheap (5) [t 2 nd ô@ ] tundra 2 Transcription and Sound Description (20 pts) Isolate all of the consonants used in each of the following words. Careful: sounds, not letters! Then for each consonant, specify the sound’s (a) voicing, (b) place of articulation, (c) manner of articulation, and (d) whether the sound is oral or nasal. (4 pts each) (6) modality [m, d, l, t] (each C must then be described) (7) skunk [s, k, N ] (8) rage [ ô , d Z ] (9) yellow [j, l, w] (10) theft [ T , f, t] 3 Grouping Natural Classes (15 pts) Examine each list of different IPA symbols below. What articulatory feature(s) does each group of
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Unformatted text preview: 3 sounds share (i.e. what ‘natural classes’ does each group represent)? You should list all possible answers. (3 pts each) 1 e.g. [i] [u] high; tense; voiced (11) [f] [s] [h] ⇒ voiceless, fricatives (12) [i] [ E ] [æ] ⇒ voiced, front, unrounded (13) [l] [n] [t] ⇒ alveolar (14) [ S ] [ D ] [ Z ] ⇒ fricatives (15) [u] [o] [ O ] ⇒ voiced, back, rounded 4 Audio Transcription (10 pts) Listen to the soundfile at the following URL: http://alt-usage-english.org/archive/both_ca2.wav Now transcribe the Canadian speaker’s pronunciation of the sentence you’ve heard. (10 pts) (16) “Bother, father caught hot coffee in the car park.” [b ODô " f ODô " k A t h A t k A fi I n D@ k Aô p Aô k] NB: Some variation allowed, particularly on vowels. 2...
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Hw2 - 3 sounds share(i.e what ‘natural classes’ does...

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