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Hw3 - HW 3 Phonology Morphology Syntax(KEY Linguistics 100...

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HW 3: Phonology, Morphology, Syntax (KEY) Linguistics 100 Due in hard copy at the beginning of tutorial on Friday, October 22, 2010 1 Structural Ambiguity in Phonology (3) Based on the following IPA transcriptions of the words stunned and undo , provide the syllable structure in the form of a tree. (2 points) [ s t 2 nd] [ 2 ndu] 1. Syllable structure: σ Onset st Rhyme Nucleus u Coda nd σ Onset Rhyme Nucleus u Coda n σ Onset d Rhyme Nucleus o Coda Note: Students should use IPA in the tree. My tree-drawing software does not allow this. 2. Now compare and contrast how the [nd] sequence is syllabified in each word above. (Hint: pay attention to which part of the syllable [n] and [d] belong to.) (1 point) In stunned , the [nd] appears together in the coda of the syllable. In undo , the [n] appears in the coda of the first syllable, while the [d] appears in the onset of the following syllable. 2 Morphology (8) Examine the following data from Turkish, and answer all the questions below. [deniz] ‘an ocean’ [elim] ‘my hand’ [denize] ‘to an ocean’ [eller] ‘hands’ [denizin] ‘of an ocean’ [di S ler] ‘teeth’ [eve] ‘to a house’ [di S imizin] ‘of our tooth’ [evden] ‘from a house’ [eld ZI ke] ‘to a little hand’ [denizd ZI kde] ‘in a little ocean’ [denizlerimizde] ‘in our oceans’ [elde] ‘in a hand’ [evd ZI klerimizde] ‘in our little houses’ 1
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1. Give the Turkish morpheme that corresponds to each of the following glosses (6 points).
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