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Midterm format - gesture, ASL, and language (properties of...

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Midterm Review Syllabus Linguistics 100 Midterm takes place on November 3, 2010 1 Format The format of the test will primarily include the kinds of “short answer” problem sets you have seen in lecture notes, tutorials, and homework assignments, as well as a few multiple choice questions. There should be no real surprises as far as format goes. You may not use any sort of “cheat sheet” for the exam, nor any sort of dictionary. You will only need a writing utensil, and your giant linguistics-stuffed brain. 2 Content As per syllabus policies, I reserve the right to test on any material covered in lectures (including guest lectures), readings, tutorials, homeworks, etc., up to and including November 1 . Remember that all my lecture notes (and many of the guest lectures) include “key concepts” that you should be comfortable with. You can also use the following list of topics covered in lectures to focus your study. 2.1 The Form and (Design) Features of Language design features of language animal communication vs. human language
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Unformatted text preview: gesture, ASL, and language (properties of each) writing systems 2.2 Phonetics vocal tract anatomy IPA symbols and transcription (for English sounds) 1 Kirby/UBC/Ling 100/Midterm Review 2010 Winter Term 1 consonant and vowel description (for English sounds) natural classes 2.3 Phonology phonemes vs. allophones identifying underlying phonemes phonotactics syllable structure, syllabication 2.4 Morphology word formation processes derivation vs. inection allomorphy isolating morphemes in crosslinguistic data 2.5 Syntax syntactic categories determining constituency phrase structure rules representing structure with brackets and with trees structural ambiguity 2.6 Semantics and Pragmatics relations between words and between sentences truth values, truth conditions prototype theory conversational maxims and implicature presupposition and entailment 2...
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Midterm format - gesture, ASL, and language (properties of...

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