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Ling 100 (002): Introduction to Language and Linguistics 2010 Winter Term 1 Please read the policies outlined in this syllabus carefully. You are responsible for all of the information contained within . Remaining enrolled in the class is a tacit agreement to abide by the policies of the course. “I didn’t know” will not be accepted as an excuse for failure to comply with course policies. I do not negotiate (or make exceptions on) course policies. This is a “tough love” course. Instructor/TA Information Instructor Dr. Susannah Kirby TAs Donald Derrick Office 205 Totem Field Studios Scott Mackie Brock Hall Annex 2354 E-mail Ayako Moewaki contact TA for email Office Hours M 12-12:45pm, W 10-10:45am Laura Sterian W 3-4pm All email correspondence to instructor/TAs should include “Ling 100” in the subject line. We may not respond to email questions on short notice , e.g. ( exempli gratia ; “for example”) the day before a HW is due. Please plan accordingly. Course Information Course Time MW 14:00–15:00 (plus tutorial time) Course Location Chemistry 150 Tutorial Time F 13:00 or 14:00 (only one; check your schedule for time and location ) Website Vista: Textbook (required) The Study of Language , 4 th ed. (by George Yule, Cambridge, 2010) Technology (required) iClicker (please bring this to each lecture, set to AA) This course is an introduction to the study of language as a universal and uniquely human cognitive system. What universals do all languages share and how do languages differ? We will investigate sound systems, word-building, structural principles, language acquisition, dialect variation, and more. 1
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Communication and Assistance You are encouraged to meet with your TA or instructor during office hours with questions about course material. You may also email us with questions, or to set up an appointment outside of normal office hours. A different TA will hold office hours (at the same time/place) weekly. (For details, see the Office Hours schedule on Vista.) All Ling 100 TAs are qualified to help you with your concerns. Make use of Vista’s discussion board to get your questions answered by your classmates. The discussion board is especially useful for getting quick answers to logistical questions. Requirements and Grading Requirement Percent of Grade Clicker quizzes (10 total; best 7 counted, at 3% each) 21% HW Assignments (4 total, at 5% each) 20% Mid-term examination 23% Final poster presentation 20% Attendance/participation in tutorial 11% Critique of another poster 5% NB ( nota bene; “note well”): There is NO final exam! I do NOT negotiate marks/grades. Marking errors (miscalculations only) will be cheerfully corrected. Otherwise, the mark you receive is the mark you keep; end of story. If you have a question about how your
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syllable - Ling 100 (002): Introduction to Language and...

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