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APSC 150 - Case 3: Separation of Minerals by Froth Flotation. Laboratory 2 1) A piece of rock fully immersed in water displaced 25 g of water (density 1.0 g/cm 3 ). The same rock was then suspended in Liquid X and weighed. The apparent mass of the rock in Liquid X was found to be 60 g. Knowing that the density of Liquid X is 0.8 g/cm 3 , calculate: a) the mass of the rock in air, b) the mass of the rock in water, c) the density of the rock, d) the specific gravity of the rock with respect to Liquid X. 2) A mixture of galena and sphalerite particles consists of 60% (mass %) of sphalerite and 40% (mass %) of galena. What is the density of this mixture ? What is the volume fraction of galena in this mixture ? The density of sphalerite is 4.2 g/cm 3 while the density of galena is 7.6 g/cm 3 . 3) Pre-concentration refers to a process in which the main objective is only to increase the content of the valuable component in the concentrate with respect to that in the feed. You are to
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Unformatted text preview: pre-concentrate diamonds from the host rock made up primarily of quartz and kaolinite. The following information is available about the diamond ore to be processed by gravity separation with the use of a heavy liquid. SG Amount of ore with a given SG value [kg] 2.6 15 2.8 25 3.0 25 3.2 25 3.5 10 The density of diamonds is 3.5 g/cm 3 , the density of quartz is 2.6 g/cm 3 , and the density of kaolinite is also 2.6 g/cm 3 . Based on the results answer the following questions: a) what is the total mass (kg) of diamonds in the ore ? b) what is the content (mass %) of diamonds in the material with SG = 3.2, c) what density should the heavy liquid have in order to recover at least 85% of the total mass of diamonds in the sinking (heavy) fraction ? d) what will be the content (mass %) of diamonds in such a concentrate if we use a liquid with a density of 2.9 ?...
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