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HW 4 Addendum: Self-Report Linguistics 100 Due in hard copy at the beginning of tutorial on Friday, November 12, 2010 Each student should include the following confidential information on a separate sheet of paper, on the same day HW 4 assignment: 1. Name, Student number 2. TA name, Tutorial number 3. Title of the paper that you worked on 4. A brief description of the contribution that you made to the work of the group. 5. Any concerns you have about group members who have not made a good-faith effort to
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Unformatted text preview: contribute adequately. 6. HONOR CODE and handwritten signature Note: It is up to the individual groups to decide how to distribute the work load, but we want to see that each member of the group made a roughly equal contribution. Those students who have clearly not contributed in the group’s effort may not receive the same grade as the rest of the group members. 1...
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