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Final Project PSY 210 By: Christiana Rivera 2010 Jennifer’s Stressors are directly related to her family, work and health concerns. She is a hard worker who often takes on more than she can afford even at the cost of her social
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and home life. Trying to conceive a child is a stress in her life as well, knowing she has had a miscarriage previously she is most likely holding on to the stress of having issues during another pregnancy. When home she has an ailing father who needs her and they are both still trying to cope with the recent death of her mother and her father’s wife. Within the last six months she is experiencing headaches, backaches and indigestion and they have gone undiagnosed by her physicians. On top of all that she is feeling the stress by making small mistakes at work and unable to keep up with home chores, the tiredness is setting in and she is feeling overwhelmed. Having a miscarriage takes a huge toll on Jennifer’s self esteem, she is feeling the pressure of wanting a family yet the adversity of feeling that type of loss again. All types
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final project psy 210 - Final Project PSY 210 By:...

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