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wk 4 psy 2010 Assignment - 1 Psychology and Health Problems...

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1 Psychology and Health Problems Christiana Rivera Axia College Psychology 210 August 22, 2010 The Multifactorial model presented in our Chapter 4 reading shows 6
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2 different factors in any one persons life that might be a contributing factor to health issues they may have. The six factor breakdowns are biological (pre-disposed in your genes), environmental, behavioral, sociocultural (your position in the community), personality and a category called stressors that may affect your daily disposition. When psychologists’ and internist doctors look for clues to a form a diagnosis to an illness a person has, they first look towards the patients history. Are there any biological factors that may make a person predisposed to this illness? That is, is there a family history or genetic link that we may form a logical diagnosis before intrusive testing is done. While looking for biological reasons we look at a persons environmental and behavioral actions. Are they over eaters? Smokers? Work in highly contaminated field? Live in high pollution areas? These factors we can assume are active factors in a health issue and might be a direct cause of the illness. Stressors and Personality are directly related to a person’s outlook, actions and discomfort. Is the patient easily angered? Are they depressive? Do they have a type A personality? For my assignment I chose Menstruation and Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) to discuss. Through the reading (and being a women), we have learned that Menstruation is not the cause of a women’s hysterical nature but PMS does come with some biological issues that only a woman can survive. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
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