Philosophy Notes-3 - -These people are known as...

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The Apology Rhetoric - Way of speech - Aimed at persuasion - Similar to law - Socrates aimed for a rhetoric based on truth Part 1 -Claims -Tries to refute it Part 2 -Found Guilty -Can try to counter death penalty Part 3 -Epilogue after he got death penalty -Breaks accusers into old and new Old - Accusations based on rumors and slander - They have these thoughts since childhood - They say Socrates studies theories in sky and below the earth. This would make him an atheist. - They say the worse argument defeats the stronger
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Unformatted text preview: -These people are known as Sophists-Sophists- Itinerant teachers of rhetoric who get paid Wisdom Wisdom more than human- Divine type of knowledge He says Gods only know of divine knowledge Human Wisdom- Common knowledge Chaerephon went to the Oracle at Delphi to ask if there was any man wiser than Socrates Pythian says that no man is wiser. Riddle- Socrates’ Thoughts 1. No man is wiser 2. But I do not know anything 3. Oracle does not lie....
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Philosophy Notes-3 - -These people are known as...

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