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philosophy notes 14 - -No not a way of life saw it as a...

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Value of Knowledge Epistemology- theory of knowledge The Aristotelian View - Student of plato - Interest in science - Take Delight in senses or Act based on them Science- 1. practical- mechanics, applied sciences, - useful 2. speculative- math Speculative = Wisdom
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Descartes View - Modern science - Matter and motion- mechanical view - Scientific revolution - Giordano Bruno- burned for going against church - “He lives well who hides well” - Says he has no obligation to write about his findings in speculative sciences - Promote useful knowledge so we can be masters and possessors of nature - Supports practical knowledge - Is he a skeptic? Yes and No - Yes- uses skeptical philosophical arguments for a purpose
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Unformatted text preview: -No- not a way of life- saw it as a tool as a means to some end Meditation 1-Questions the faculties on which those opinions are based 1. Systematic 2. Theoretical 3. Hyperbolic Criterion of Doubt- withholding policy Reformation-1517-Luther- skeptical of church’s unique authority Counter Reformation- Galileo got house arrest, Bruno got burned for his ideas 1500’s – skepticism -Phil. Stance, systematic doubt-Sextus Empiricus – ancient skepticism book 1. Academic Skepticism- - taught at the academy- Plato conceals his own ideas 2. Pyrrhonian Skepticism- - Pyrrho of Ellis- consistent skeptic, withheld all judgment...
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