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9 Pass It On To track the spread of the Ebola virus, the doctors in this program kept careful data about each case of Ebola that was discovered. In class, you made exchanges with your classmates in a simulation of a virus outbreak. Try to remember each person you came in contact with and record the person’s name and the color that you heard. Name of person Color Try to remember the sequence of events that occurred during the procedure. Once you have recorded your contacts, work
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Unformatted text preview: with the class to retrace the passage of the disease and figure out who the index cases are—the three people who were originally infected with the green paper virus. If you have been infected, make sure to tell your classmates who infected you. Use the Infection Tree to help keep track of how the virus spread. Write the names in each box on the tree. Plague Fighters Infection Tree Index #1 Index #2 Index #3...
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