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Neha Gautam Section R3 Lab 7 Outline Peripheral Nervous System and Statistical Confidence I. Review of Sensory Receptors of PNS A. Special senses [info about external environment] 1. taste (gustation) 2. smell (olfaction) 3. sight (vision) 4. hearing (audition) B. Somatic senses [conditions within the body] 1. touch 2. temperature 3. pain 4. body position (proprioception) 5. variety of internal chemoreceptors (aside from taste and smell) II. Additional Tools for Data Analysis A. Determining difference between two groups 1. Confidence Interval : range of values within which you are confident the actual means lie (affected by # of samples) a. Standard Deviation (StDev): describes the variability in data 2. Confidence function: value describing range within which mean is to be found if experiment was to be replicated a. Alpha is Significance Level , probability that real mean lies outside confidence interval III. In-Laboratory Exercises
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Unformatted text preview: A. Anatomy of the PNS 1. Spinal Cord cross section slide a. roots of spinal nerve 1. dorsal root of spinal nerve ganglion (neuron cell bodies) 2. ventral root of spinal nerve motor neurons 2. Peripheral Nerve slide a. cross sections of several nerves of PNS 3. Medullated Nerve Fibers a. Nodes of Ranvier: gaps in myelin 4. Motor Nerve Endings a. effector organs, usually muscles 5. Dissected sheep eye (example sensory receptor) 6. Retina (photoreceptors: rods and cones) 7. Sensory receptors of the skin (hairs have sensory neurons) 8. Meissners Corpuscles (at tips of dermal papillae) 9. Pacinian Corpuscles (perceive pressure) 10. Taste Buds (papillae) B. Determining Confidence in a Result C. Graphing and Confidence: Adding Error Bars to a Graph D. Testing for Differences Between Two Sample Types: The T-Test...
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