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Unformatted text preview: archival data from 60 audits conducted by a U.S. Big 4 accounting firm to examine the association between the external auditor’s assessment of management integrity, and the auditor’s assessment of risk of material misstatement Timothy G. Kizirian is a Professor at California State University, Chico, Brian W. Mayhew is an Assistant Professor the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and L. Dwight Sneathen, Jr. is an Assistant Professor at Georgia Southern University. We appreciate comments from the referees, Bill Messier, Kathy Hurtt, and Larry Rittenberg. We thank the datagranting firm for its generous provision of data. Funding from The University of Arizona Foundation and Department of Accounting is gratefully acknowledged. Submitted: December 2003 Accepted: June 2005 49 50 Kizirian, Mayhew, and Sneathen (RMM), audit planning, and the discovery of financial statement misstatements. Prior archival research provides weak support for the linkage between risk assessments and auditrelated judgments (Mock and Wright 1993, 1999). Our study provides a stronger test than prior studies. First, we use data taken directly from the working papers rather than through questionnaires. Second, we employ a key internal control characteristic (i.e., management integrity). Last, we focus on a combined measure of audit risk.1 We also go a step further than prior archival research by linking the management integrity assessment through the audit process to the discovery of misstatements. Experimental research generally indicates a linkage between risk assessments and audit planning, suggesting that auditors adjust their decisions based on evidence concerning management integrity (Beaulieu 2001; Ayers and Kaplan 1998; Schaub 1996). Our paper extends this research to an archival setting to examine the impact of auditor assessments of management integrity on audit planning. We examine this association in a field setting to get feedback on the relative importance of management integrity assessments in field-based set...
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