REL 150 Lecture 8 - significance Short answer 2 or 3...

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REL 150 Lecture 8 14:18 Exam Format (October 12) Midterm exam requires a blue exam book (get several) at union and bookstores Exam will contain: Timeline section Study table 1.3 in text pg 30  Be familiar with other important dates in the text Nothing in terms of significance  ID terms List of 9 ID terms  Identify 8 of 9 terms the way done in class Print off ID term list on angel ID passages They are assigned reading on the syllabus and will mostly will be from the bible and we  will have talked about in class (answers should usually be 1 to 2 sentences) Passage from bible, identify what book it comes from (nothing more) and talk about 
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Unformatted text preview: significance Short answer 2 or 3 questions addressing large questions related to the course (such as significance of documentary hypothesis). Answers should be 1 to 2 paragraphs. Law in the Bible The book Deuteronomy emphasizes the worship of the one God of Israel and denounces and punishes paganism The worship of other gods is referred to as idolatry Shema (ID term) Apodictic (ID term) “you shall or you shall not” laws such as some of Ten Commandments Sinai Covenant (ID term) 14:18 14:18...
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REL 150 Lecture 8 - significance Short answer 2 or 3...

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